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After years of learning and experimenting with blogging, I’ve learned what the best method is, to build evergreen traffic to a blog.

Of course, you could read the massive lists of ways to drive traffic to your blog. The internet is full of these guides.

If you came here to read a list of ways to drive blog traffic – you can download this free report, click here to get it.

But there is one strategy that remains number one in my book.

I’m going to share with you my number one method to build traffic to any blog.

How can i get my blog out there

I’m also going to share a simple hack for any WordPress blog. Read this til the end.

How can I get my blog out there?

This question has too many answers.

Endless results and lists are showing you strategy after strategy to drive traffic to your blog.

I’m not a fan of information overload.

I like simplicity.

So I can learn.

Take action. Test. And go.

Overthinking can be a mind-killer.

We’re going to dive right to the point here.

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How can I get my blog out there?

The Google search engine is a great tool to help your blog get rolling with organic traffic.

You will need to focus 100% on creating informational content that actually helps people.

Here are the steps [assuming you already have a niche blog site, preferably with WordPress].

  1. Create a Sitemap.xml for your blog [use a plugin like RankMath]
  2. Sign up for the Google Search Console
  3. Submit your sitemap
  4. Sign up for Google Analytics

That’s it.

These are the steps to get started.

You will need to connect and verify your blog site [domain name] with these tools.

For the detailed steps, you can find many videos on YouTube.

As I mentioned earlier, we keep it simple and to the point here.

Once your blog is indexed by Google, you can start publishing content to rank in the search results.

Of course, you will need to follow the on-page search engine optimization in order to rank.

The most important factor here is to learn how to find the right keywords to rank for.

You can invest in tools like Ahrefs.

Which is a great tool to find keywords, if not the best tool right now.

The price for this tool starts at $99 a month.

If you asked me, not every new blogger would like to spend that much.

Although, you really should.

You don’t really have to in order to start ranking in the search engines.

What you need to know is that the main focus of a search engine is to please its users.

For instance, Google is not responsible for the information they present to someone, they are simply helping that someone filter the best information for their query.

Remember, a search engine is simply an information filtering system.

Let’s now overcomplicate SEO here.

Learn how to give the search engine users what they want, and you will get what you want.

Basic and simple.

This is the best way to get you going.

Success loves speed.

If your goal is to build a blog that can make you money, then you need to get going right away because this takes time to be built.

Pump out unique pieces of content after content on a daily basis.

This is what you must do at the beginning.

Here’s my one WordPress Hack.

Add the following list of sites to your WordPress settings.

Go to Settings > Writing > Update Services

How can i get my blog out there

Download the list – click here.

By doing this, you are helping the search engines crawl your new content faster.

This is how you can make money using the internet in today’s world.

And the best method to combine with blogging would be affiliate marketing.

Wrapping it up

We’re keeping the blog posts here straight to the point. The goal is for you to learn quickly and take action right away.

If you want to get your blog out there more, then do more.

What are your thoughts on this?

If you have any comments or questions, leave them below.